Hosting an event for the launch of the online slot Dead or Alive

Food is a means of connection, and we make sure every dish prepared at La Bécasse will bring people together. We do this frequently by hosting events for multiple companies, including many online gambling companies. One of our most recent events revolved around the launch of the online slot Dead or Alive. Keep reading to learn more about this experience.

Setting up for the event

We were absolutely delighted to accept the request for this event. We were first contacted by a regional casino coordinator from NetEnt. Due to our past events, we know that NetEnt is the top software provider in the world of online gaming. Their representative asked us if we could host an event for 200 people and serve them a multi-course meal. We were more than happy to agree and began planning out the menu.

Designing the meal

Our chefs and managers wanted to honour such an esteemed guest by serving them a classic, 7-course French meal. We worked to develop a perfect menu that could please the collection of people coming to visit. The representative from NetEnt had informed us that gambling industry professionals from all over the world would be coming to the Dead or Alive launch. As such, we wanted to create a balance between our French roots and what would offer familiarity to our guests.

L’Aperitif consisted of olive skewers and toasts with tapenade, which could be easily eaten during the pre-event socialising. French onion soup, salmon meuniere, steak and ratatouille, goat cheese salad, brie and fruit, and finally a chocolate mousse would complete the meal.

The event activities

Although we love to create an event of the meal itself, there were of course other activities planned for the evening. The guests first took an hour or so to socialize with other industry executives and professionals. The new Dead or Alive slot game had attracted a lot of positive and curious attention.

The representatives of NetEnt were quite busy catching up with their peers in the online casino business. An easy room flow, lots of champagne, and our appetizers helped move things along for everyone involved. Afterward, everyone was seated at 20 long tables to enjoy the 7-course meal.

After we served them, the main attraction began. NetEnt hosted a 45-minute presentation about the Dead or Alive slot. This included information on the slot functionality, funny stories about the development of the game, and early consumer reactions. It was quite fascinating to see and learn so much about this promising game.

Afterwards, the attention shifted to allow attendees the chance to play the demo game for themselves. That was quite the hit! Each table was provided with tablets from NetEnt so that all the executives and managers would have a chance to try it for themselves.

Our staff was even offered a chance to play this fun video slot – which we accepted with much enthusiasm! Playing the game was an excellent reprieve and reward for our hard work. But of course, we soon returned to the kitchen to tidy up for the night.

Thank you for choosing us

We would like to express our most sincere thanks to the representatives of NetEnt for choosing our restaurant as the caterer and host of their Dead or Alive launch event. It was a pleasure to design a meal, cook, and serve you and our guests. While we are not gambling aficionados ourselves, we thought your game was incredibly fun. Best of luck in your endeavours! We can’t wait to host your next launch event.

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